Isay is proud to be able to supply Oeko-tex certified products. The first Oeko-tex certified products from Isay are now available in a wide range of  stores. Oeko-tex is your guarantee that your new product from Isay will not damage the body.  


It is not to be seen or felt whether there are any harmful chemicals in the garments and only a few chemicals disappear after washing. When we can offer Oeko-tex labeled goods, it is because there are many alternative and non-hazardous chemicals and methods that we can use instead of the harmful substances.  


All parts of our Oeko-tex labeled products have been tested eg. fabric, sewing threads, buttons, ribbons and sewing marks.  


Standard 100 by Oeko-tex are products that meet the requirements set in the standard.  


- The Oeko-tex brand ensures that all components of a labeled product have been tested for harmful substances.

- Oeko-tex is a standard that is far more extensive than the legislation in Denmark and the EU (REACH) and therefore a good tool for ensuring compliance with legal requirements for harmful chemicals in products.

- Oeko-tex is the world's leading label for textiles that have been tested for substances that are harmful to health and the environment.


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