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I SAY Gunne Shirt Shirts 543 Summer Gum
I SAY Gunne Shirt Shirts 543 Summer Gum
I SAY Gunne Shirt Shirts 543 Summer Gum
I SAY Gunne Shirt Shirts 543 Summer Gum
I SAY Gunne Shirt Shirts 543 Summer Gum

Gunne Shirt

  • Color


The model is 171 cm tall and wearing a size M

799,00 kr

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  • Gratis frakt ved kjøp over 999 NOK
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  • Organic Cotton

799,00 kr

  • Embraces all shapes
  • Maximum comfort
  • Easy to style

Perfect timeless shirt in organic cotton. The shirt is simple but still features some lovely discreet details. It has a beautiful open V-neck with a pretty collar. The shirt falls beautifully thanks to its loose fit, which also gives you an elegant but casual look. Perfect for the summer, but also the winter if worn with a roll-neck underneath – in other words, a timeless shirt you can wear all year round.

• Timeless
• Organic cotton
• Loose-fitting fit

  • Organic Cotton 100%

Clothes made from organic cotton are soft, long-lasting and stretchy.

Cotton is one of the most popular materials for clothing, due to its many good features.

The plant produces white flowers that turn pink, blue and purple before falling off. During this transformation, the part of the plant that has the cotton fibers is formed.

The fibers are harvested and most often spun into yarn or thread. Just as with organic vegetables, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers must not be used when growing organic cotton. This means that you get a piece of clothing where the yarn is made completely without the use of toxic chemicals, and it is of course better for both yourself and the environment.

We strive to use organic cotton or BCI cotton when we produce cotton clothing. In addition, our I SAY brand in the neck is made of organic cotton.

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