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I SAY Rana Coat Outerwear 301 Chocolate
I SAY Rana Coat Outerwear 301 Chocolate
I SAY Rana Coat Outerwear 301 Chocolate

Rana Coat

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  • Recycled polyester

1.899,00 kr

  • Embraces all shapes
  • Maximum comfort
  • Trendy

Skaff deg denne fine dynejakken full av varme og trendy detaljer. Den lange dynejakken har hette og to snorer for knyting. Designet med en praktisk og enkel toveis glidelåslukking, kul bred ribbing på ermene og lommer med glidelås på begge sider. Kvaliteten er 100 % resirkulert polyester, slik at du kan bruke den kule dynejakken med god samvittighet.

  • Recycled Polyester 100%

We think it's amazing that we can turn used plastic bottles into fashion clothes.

Polyester is one of the most popular materials in the textile industry because the fiber is so strong. That's why polyester clothes are long-lasting, easy to hold and clean - they also do not curl!

Many plastic bottles float around the world's gardens, while others are thrown away in random places. The bottles pollute nature, and take more than 1000 years to decompose. But fortunately, the bottles can be given new life, and contribute to a sustainable initiative for the production of polyester, which we can all benefit from.

Recycled polyester is made from used plastic bottles, and transformed into new polyester fibers. The recycled polyester we use here at I SAY is "post-consumer", which means that the bottles have previously been used by consumers.

In this way, we help to recycle the many plastic bottles. For a T-shirt made of recycled polyester, approx. 10 pint PET plastic bottles.

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